Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Blog!

Helloooooooo out there! Isn't this the cutest background ever?! I got it at I'm so excited about this and I need to thank Amy ( for giving me this idea. I absolutely love to cook & bake, so this is a blog dedicated to that :). I try taking pictures of my masterpieces (:P) and I've even thought about videotaping some of them, so this is where I'll post all that fun stuff. I'll even try to post recipes and ideas. Yay!

I'll start it off right by posting a yummy picture:

Here is Jason's famous birthday torte. It's a cinnamon-chocolate dessert and this is the picture from his birthday in 2007. I get to make this again tomorrow for his birthday party this weekend :P

I tell people that there are about 32 layers in this thing and they don't believe me... this is proof... there are about 16 cinnamon "cookie" layers and 16 cocoa whip layers. It's really rich, but still amazing!

Here are a couple of pies I made while we were in our apartment, completely from scratch. I use my mom's crust recipe and... my mom's pie recipe. I believe I made an apple pie (right) and a strawberry rhubarb pie (left).

Close-up of a pie... yum!

Ok, I've baked/cooked a LOT of things since I took those pictures, so I'll try to post more soon :).

Oh, and welcome to my new blog :D. I'm really excited about it!