Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Since I have been slacking on this blog majorly, I've decided to do something to re-kickstart it! I know that not many people read this blog, but that's ok! I'm doing a contest/giveaway and will send a loyal reader a homemade treat :). Here's what you need to do to enter the contest:

1) post a comment telling me your favorite dessert :)
2) include your email address somewhere in the comment so that I can email you for your mailing address if you're the winner :).

That's it! Feel free to leave as many comments as you want. The contest will end on May 24th at midnight, EST. Any comments posted after that time will not count, sorry! :P I'll do a random drawing on Memorial Day, May 25th and will announce the winner and what treat they'll be getting... and pictures of the treat! :)

Good luck and comment away!


Anonymous said...

My favorite dessert is the humble cherry pie.

Cherry pie doesn't have it's own catchphrase or wikipedia entry like apple pie does. Cherry pie isn't mentioned in nursery rhymes like the Christmas plum pie is. Cherry pies aren't a staple of comedy bits like cream pies.

The cherry pie is just a pie. But what a pie it is. All that is good and right about pies can be found in the cherry pie.

Patrick Henry once said 'Give me liberty or give me death. But either way give me cherry pie'.

Mark Briody

Ginger said...

I hope I'm doing this right! What an awesome idea...You're the best!
I love the strawberry rhubarb thingy!

p.s. You can deliver it to me in person!!
p.s.s. I've got to think hard about all my favorites...

Ginger said...

Ok--I've got another one:
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Anonymous said...

Snickdoodles are great too.

When my kids were around 3 years old they used to call them 'stinky noodles'. Not too appetizing!

Similar to snickerdoodles is pie crust rolled thin and baked with butter and cinnamon sugar on top. My Mom used to do this with left over pie crust dough. Delicious.

Mark Briody

~ shi ~ said...

Can you say BROWNIES....Love them Lex...Did you check out my new cook book I got...Babycakes? I can not wait to place an order for the ingredients to make stuff from it and see if it helps my allergies!...

blessings Auntie Shi~

Amy Genn said...


'nuff said.


you know how to get ahold of me for an address... :)